Symbols around US


Sterling W. Sills said, “A thing may stand alone and continue to be a thing but in order to be pressed into our minds with deeper meaning is when it stands for something: It then becomes a symbol that is projected into the lives of others.  An example, a flag in the sky or a light in the window or a ring on the finger may have a significance to us far beyond the meaning of the actual thing itself.

One of the greatest American symbols not only for Americans but to the world stands on Bedloe Island at the gateway of America…the Statue of Liberty.  It’s majestic presence sends out a call of welcome to all who seek freedom and equal opportunity in a great, free and divinely established land.  The Statue of Liberty represents to the world the great ideas embodies in the American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United Sates, and the American way of life.”

Emmerson, who has been referred to as America’s spokesman, said, “The office of America is to liberate, to abolish kingcraft and priestcraft, to pull down the gallows, to take in the immigrants, and uplift all of mankind.”

For of what avail 

is plow or sail

or land or life

if freedom fail.

All of America and much of the world looks up to this great statue as it symbolizes the American purpose to keep freedom alive in the world.  It is the mission of America to provide equal opportunity, fair play and free agency for all men.  Seneca once said, “To obey God is perfect liberty.  He that does so shall be free and all his actions shall succeed.”  

Elder Sterling W. Sills said, “A degenerate state of morals or a corrupted public conscience is incompatible with freedom.  No free government can be preserved except by a firm adherence to justice, temperance, frugality and virture.   And the blessing of liberty can only be maintained by a constant adherence to the fundamental principles of righteousness.”

Let us visualize our own freedoms by setting God as our standard and symbol by keeping ourselves free from becoming enslaved individually whether it be politically, through negative attitudes and bad habits, or ignorance and sin.  Epicetetus said, “No man is free who is not master of himself.”

Jesus gave us the best formula when he said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  The way to freedom for the mind is to know the truth, and the way of freedom for the soul is to live righteously.

The world needs a free America.  The world needs a righteous America.  The world needs a purposeful America made up of godly citizens, each doing his part to hold up the torch of freedom.

Let each one of us set ourselves up as a standard for truth, righteousness and LOVE for our fellowman.

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