20/20 vision vs. Illusions

Most of us have some optical illusions about our hopes, our fears, and the things that we don’t understand. We often have personal blind spots that prevent us from seeing ourselves in our true perspective.
In 1609 Galileo invented the telescope to enlarge the stars and bring them closer to study. There are two ends to look through, one that enlarges and one that diminishes.
Like Galileo we need a telescope powerful enough to bring the things of the future up close enough to restore their importance to our minds, especially our divine relationship to our heavenly parents and how close they really are to us.
If we get a little closer to God and righteousness, New ambitions and new determinations will be incited in our minds and hearts. One with perfect vision is the one who can presently see heaven and our future in the proportions of attainment.
There are some people who say what we think, say or do doesn’t really matter, that we are going to the same place anyway. By this process of reasoning the great sins can be shrunk in importance so that like the antediluvians we can commit them without even blinking.
More than perhaps anything else, we need to develop a more godly perspective about truth, righteousness, and the word of the Lord. God knows more about heaven than we do, as he has been there. He knows more about values and happiness than we do. We can bring God and heaven a little closer to us by accepting God’s enlarged perspective, by turning up the volume of the still small voice, by increasing in our minds the importance if the holy scriptures, and then avidly living by our enlarged viewpoint.  Sterling W. Sills
A great leader once taught that by reading your scriptures and exercising 20 minutes for each each day, we can all “live by the 20/20 rule so as to have perfect vision.”
I live by this rule and add meditation into it.
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