Reaping what we sow

One of life’s greatest privileges is that we may prepare our own seed beds. We may sow our own seeds and reap our own harvests.
Mrs. L.M. Child pays her tribute to creation by saying, “How the heart of man blesses flowers. They are wreathed around the cradle, the marriage altar and the tomb. They deck the brow of the youthful bride, they twine around the tomb as the perpetual symbol of the resurrection. They festoon the altar, their fragrance and beauty ascend in perpetual worship before the most high. Every rose is an autograph from God.
The creator developed another kind of seed that produces even more miraculous results. Jesus characterized himself as the sower of seeds. He had the world for his field and the minds of men as his topsoil. He planted the seeds of great ideas, wonderful virtues, productive abilities and noble character traits in the lives of people. Every human accomplishment begins with the seed of a thought.
Emerson said, “Thoughts rule the world.” And Victor Hugo pointed out that “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” The right kinds of thoughts arouse our intellect from their slumbers. They give virtues and dignity to truth. Good thoughts make our souls blossom with a love of goodness.
However, as Jesus pointed out, not all seeds are good seeds. There are some that produce tares and thistles. Jesus said we should cast away our idle thoughts. Some produce a poison fruit.
Sterling W. Sills said, “Sin and evil grow very rapidly in the soil of some people’s lives and soon destroy integrity and faith, sometimes without the fact being known. Ere we are aware, the seeds of evil, if given a chance, can crowd everything that is good out of one’s life.
It is a wonderful experience to get an idea. But only when an idea gets us to do good do we make the greatest progress. Ideas can perform miracles. Thoughts are mightier then armies. They go booming through the world louder than cannons. Righteous principles and godly ideas have achieved more victories than all the tanks, airplanes and missiles of destruction put together”.
roses in powerscourt ireland

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