Many of us are interested in shortcuts. At the point of the mountain in Draper, Highway 187 used to be the shortest highway in the state of Utah, but in common with some of life’s other thoroughfares its length is determined by which direction you are going. Some people have traveled Highway 187 from its eastern beginning to its western ending in just a few seconds, and then have taken the next 25 years to reverse the trip and get from the prison back. There is an interesting old proverb that says, “There are a thousand steps from hell to heaven, but only one from heaven to hell.” Cain took a short cut to hell when he murdered his brother Abel. It probably required only a few minutes to complete the deed, but what a long, difficult, heartbreaking journey the return trip would be.
Alaric’s Goths poured over the the walls of ancient Rome, not because the walls were too low, but because the moral standards of the Romans were too low. Sensuality and corruption had weakened the fiber of these once mighty, highly diciplined people. Their sins had made them unfit to survive and evil and weakness destroyed them. It was nearly a thousand years after the fall of Rome before the faint light of the Renaissance began to dawn. In between these dates the world endured the long night of the Dark Ages, when nearly all human institutions were inferior to those that had preceded them. The penalty inflicted upon the nations who took the wrong course should prompt us to check up on our own travel philosophy. We are all aware of our own country’s crime wave and the rising incidence of human delinquency.
It is time we recognize the course we’re travelling and call a sin a sin. Let’s avoid following the propaganda that allows darkness and filth into our homes and society by not patronizing those institutions. It’s all about money and greed, power and control and YOU are in the driver’s seat. As a nation and individuals, are we traveling too many of these short roads leading toward disaster? Strong nations and individuals are built only by people who are capable of great energy and self-discipline, and so are godly personal lives. Sterling W. Sills
The scriptures teach us of the straight and narrow highway that leads to eternal life in the presence of God. It also speaks of a broad road that leads to destruction….which road are you on?
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