Simple message


Today is Flag day, a holiday to celebrate our country men and women who have served in armed forces fighting our foes throughout the last century’s many wars.  Today I was able to sing songs of prayer and praise to those whose eyes have seen war.  As I looked out into the audience, It wasn’t a surprise for me to see many people from the war era but few young people.  These are they who have suffered and tasted of the reality of war, death and suffering; Those who have lived through the great depression and who have the scars and humility that comes from such a life.

As I was singing, a simple thought crossed my mind….who will come and support my choir on flag day within the next 5-10 years when all of these fine folks have paid the price of life and passed on to their heavenly homes?  I fear that the next generations will not be seated in their vacant seats.  To whom will the torch of patriotism be passed?  Will freedom continue to ring in the hearts of our youth?  My prayer is that they will feel the same burning feeling of love, honor and respect for our country, our founding fathers and those whose bones are scattered across the world who paid the price for our comforts and easy lifestyle.

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