When thinking about all the time saving devices in our day and age, we must ask ourselves, “how much time are we saving ourselves to do that which is of most importance in our lives?”   I often think that more of my time is wasted than saved due to my “time-saving” devices.   Isn’t it ironic that with all the knowledge we have at the touch of our fingertips, we are becoming more dumb?  Why is that?  What makes us this way?  Why do we choose to allow this absurdity in our lives?  How can we stop?  I have a simple solution to it all and it rests in within the number 7, or the seventh day, or the original Hebrew word, SHABAT, meaning

‘cessation,’ or

‘time of rest.’

The Sabbath Day is the day to rest from our labors and cares of this world and to worship God.  The fundamental purpose of our lives is to become greater individuals.  “All good comes from God.  And by our worship we can build kinship with him that will make us like him.  To this end, God has set aside one day per week or one-seventh of our total allotment of time while on this earth to be spent in his worship.  He has set aside the first day of each week as a day of study and prayer, planning and righteousness .  This is the day when we get the philosophy of the scriptures down into our subconscious minds and give them the power to guide us to God?  Elder Sterling W. Sills

In helping us best utilize our time, the word subconscious mind is key because what lies below the level of consciousness is where our success begins and so here are several suggestions how to positively program our subconscious minds :  1.  Read good books   2.  Memorize scriptures and hymns, listen or read conference talks, quotes, great philosophy and poetry. 3.  Effective use of imagination.  4. Meditation and PRAYER.  5.  Service to our fellow men.

If we take the time on the Sabbath to go to our books with pencil in hand, taking notes from them as well as from other up-lifting literature and scripture, fill our minds with inspiring text, allow our minds to drift away into the imaginative state (I love to do this with up-lifting music that I usually sing while playing the piano), meditate and pray to know of God’s children we can help, we will have the power to go forth throughout the week with control from on HIGH to use our time most effectively and above all make the best of our short lives here on earth.

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