50 shades of gratitude


My favorite time to pray is while I’m running along dirt trails and hills.  As I look around the beauty before me, I thank my Heavenly Father individually for each thing I love. Naturally, I begin to meditate about the scriptures I’m studying as well as the people around me who influence my thinking and I have songs flowing through my thoughts with wonderful messages for me to ponder.

I have my Heavenly Father to communicate with, His words to guide and comfort me.  His beautiful creations around me to fill my heart with love, wonder and awe.  His Son to heal my soul from sin and torment and at times, a broken heart.  A loving husband who never misses a day calling and checking in with me at lunch for these past 25 years of marriage (unless we’re together, of course). Beautiful and talented children who work diligently at everything they do and who are finishers of what they start.  Two dogs who go crazy when I walk out the door with my running clothes on.  Parents who sacrificed their lives to be the best providers, nurturers and teachers through example.  Family members who have taken me in when I had nowhere else to go.  Siblings who would do anything for me and who would give me the world.  Teachers who have inspired me to learn from their wisdom and knowledge.  Visiting Teachers/companions who have been loyal and always there for me and when at times I had no other family around to help. Friends with whom I’ve been able to connect my soul and experience world travels/experiences and who are constant and never faltering.   Children who teach me humility and how to really live life.

Today I am grateful to be me!  To be free.  To be strong and healthy.  To live in such a beautiful place.  To have the most amazing people in my life.  To see the light in other people’s faces.  To hear people sing.  To sing with other people.  To learn life’s lessons from each other.  To comfort one another during difficult times.  To worship our Lord and Savior.  To make right choices that affect those around me for good.  To have guidelines to follow and keep me safe and free from Satan’s snares.  To have the Holy Ghost’s influence and be guided daily and even in my sleep when I dream.  To have clouds, rain and mist, mountains and flowers, trees and forests.  To have modern technology to keep me in touch with people I adore but who are far away from me.  To have so many talented people living at this special time in history whose light is far brighter than any of them realize and who will help change the course of history through righteousness, obedience and LOVE!

I am so thankful for all the shades of being 50, the good and the bad such as these failing mortal eyes but for my increased spiritual eyes that make up the difference. Glory Hallelujah, praise the Lord (still got a lil’ southern soul in me…thanks Grandparents on my Dad’s side)!!!  I LOVE LIFE!!! Thank you everyone for LOVING it with me!!!


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