“Routes” ~ Earth Day


I love Mother Earth with all her abundance, beauty and grace!  I’m so thankful the celebration of Earth Day was born on April 22, 1970 by a man named Denis Hayes, but I’m especially thankful to God for really starting it billions of years ago…When the Lord finished His creations, He was pleased and knew that His work was good, and He rested for a time.  (Genesis 1:27).   Today, I will get down to the nitty gritty, deep down and dirty grass roots or “routes” in my blog by saying, I woke up VERY early Saturday morning with THIS message, even though it all came to me in Spanish…I will write it in English, phew!

Imagine you just learned the Earth was dying and would soon yield little TRUE fruit.  You knew it would be difficult to live healthily.  You knew the foods being created by man were polluted.  Your body was becoming diseased and starving to death.  Then, you learned of tree that grew TRUE fruit that could provide you with all the health and nutritional benefits necessary to sustain you for the rest of your life.   No more diseases, sicknesses, supplements, pills, or doctor bill and along with it, you would be healthy and beyond happy? Excitedly, you begin your journey toward that remarkable tree.  When you arrive, you discover that the fruit exceeds its description of sweetness, satisfaction and goodness.

Once you eat the delicious fruit, your appetite is satiated and you are filled like never before causing a new type of hunger to swell within you -a desire to share the fruit with everyone you love; the mere thought of anyone going without this fruit is heart wrenching.  Upon telling them of the greatness of the fruit and leading them toward it, you realize many of your brothers and sisters are not there with you because they got lost along their way, or their sicknesses caused them to fall along the route.   What was it that caused them to loose sight of the fruit and tree? What causes most people to get lost?  Why did they fall?

Many of us get sidetracked by so many choices and tend to follow the more popular trends or routes, especially when those situated in their modern and luxurious comforts make life LOOK so perfect and appetizing.  ¡Peligro-porque nada es lo que se parece por a fuera, hay que buscar por a dentro!  Even though the route toward the tree was so simple to follow because there was an iron rod to grab hold of to lead the way, many adversarial voices arose and the confusion crowded out the simplicity of the way causing people to let go of the rod.  Their loud and worldly screams were saying, “come, we have all the fruit money can buy which will make you healthy, beautiful, sexy and in-shape, rich, smart, and especially popular, successful and prosperous!”.

If I told you about this delicious fruit with all it’s amazing powers, would you listen to me and say, “OH, that sounds preposterous, there is no such thing because there is no scientific proof, I need an educated man (or second-hand source) to TELL me if it’s right or wrong!”, or would you say, “AHH, that sounds so amazing!  I want to know for myself if such a thing exists and so I will go to God, (first-hand source),  the greatest scientist and creator ever known to man and ask with faith;  I will go toward the tree and I will hold on to the Iron Rod as I wait to FEEL how the fruit makes me feel found in  Galatians 5:22 .

This story is exactly what happened to me after hearing about this marvelous fruit and story of the Tree of Life found in 1 Nephi 8–11; 12:16–18; 15.  I was 19 and hungry.   I was sick of the world’s route and confusion.  I knew there was more to life than magazines, movies and philosophies of men.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to learn of world events and theories of man, but in the end, trusting in the arm of man leads to greed, corruption, doom, gloom and death-the route- to sadness.  I began my route as I was lead to the tree of life and held on to the Iron Rod, or read the Book of Mormon.  I tasted the fruit when I applied Christ’s Atonement in my life by repenting of my sins and realizing my dependence upon the rock of my salvation to fill my soul with joy, peace, love and happiness.  The first thing I desired was to share it with all my brothers and sisters of EARTH.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught that the tree of life is a symbol of Jesus Christ. He said: “The images of Christ and the tree [are] inextricably linked. … At the very outset of the Book of Mormon, … Christ is portrayed as the source of eternal life and joy, the living evidence of divine love, and the means whereby God will fulfill his covenant with the house of Israel and indeed the entire family of man, returning them all to their eternal promises” (Christ and the New Covenant[1997], 160, 162).   The Tree of Life

My route changed for life!   Earth day for me means bringing ALL of God’s children to the TREE of LIFE so they, too, can partake of the fruit.  I testify this is the only ROUTE OF TRUTH found on MOTHER EARTH that fills and heals souls and offers EVERLASTING LIFE! This is the sweetness and inexplicable joy I experienced by partaking of the fruit of the tree of life.   I invite you to read  The Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true.  He will testify to you of its truthfulness.  How do I know?  Because he did for me when I first read it when I was 19.  This book is my IRON ROD.  I cling onto it every day as it gets me through the mists of darkness, or confusion from the world.  It is another testament of Jesus Christ and it will help you and your family stay close to him as your route leads you to the Tree of Life (God’s LOVE) where you can partake of the fruit (Christ’s Atonement) and receive forgiveness from your sins.    

In Jesus’ name, Amen



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