“A star is a new moon”


Él makumbababe! E! Makum be! Estrela é luanova Amb. por Villa Lobos  I sang this Brazilian beauty with my choir at Weber State University under the direction of Dr. Mark Henderson back in 1985.  In my young eyes, he was the “star” in my new moon as I first fell in love with choral music. Since then, I have sung with the Mormon Youth Chorus under the direction of Jay E.Welch and Robert C. Bowden, then with Idaho State University under Dr.Scott Anderson and Kathleen Lane, and finally, The Southern Utah Heritage under the direction of Floyd Rigby, Dr. Keith Bradshaw, Dr. Nancy Allred and currently under the direction of Dr. Ken Peterson.  I also recently joined the Southern Utah Interfaith Choir under the direction of John Ribera .  My journey with choral singing has taken me to many great places in the world and will soon take me to Europe.  I truly have been blessed to have had some of the greatest musical mentors during my life.

Both past and present, these conductors have been a mentor to me in more ways than just musically.  I was contemplating whether or not I had been touched by one greater than the other, but in truth, each one has built upon the merits and teachings of the other.  Dr. Ken Peterson has been working tirelessly with my choir in preparation for our up-coming tour by helping us with his talent for vowel modification.  His energy is endless and I know his vision for us is greater than what we see in ourselves. I know his unrelenting spirit is guiding us to perfection because people are telling us each concert was our best so far.  I feel each week we are better singers and more unified than the previous.  He is truly the greatest director who has so much passion and love for music and for us as a choir; we can’t help it, perfection is forthcoming.

Aside from all these talented mentors in the field of music, I thought of all the other great teachers who have inspired, guided and taught me many amazing things throughout the years.  My teachers and leaders in my church, school teachers, college professors, “older” friends like my parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles, many of my friends throughout the years, piano teachers, sports trainers, my siblings, my children, my husband, all little children, young adults, the elderly and people from history.  Most importantly, I thought of another mentor I could call upon to ask for guidance whenever I needed help with anything….besides the internet :), the Holy Ghost.

The pedagogy of the Holy Ghost is inspiration through the still small voice, “…we should humbly recognize that the Holy Ghost is the true teacher. Our privilege is to serve as instruments through whom the Holy Ghost can teach, testify, comfort, and inspire others. We should live worthy to receive the Spirit, pray for His guidance as we prepare and teach, and create an atmosphere in which those we teach can feel His influence.” How does the Holy Ghost help us learn and teach? John 15:26  Learning the language of the Holy Ghost is much like learning to speak a new language where we feel what the other person is saying more than we mentally understand.

Writing this blog has opened my eyes in seeing how I am tutored and perfected by the Holy Ghost. During the week, inspired thoughts come into my mind. Some stay and some leave and it isn’t until I am engaged in the act of writing that the words and thoughts become one; however, it doesn’t stop here with my blog.  I have witnessed this same guidance in every aspect of my life.  There are many times when I begin my day not knowing exactly what it is I am to accomplish, but all falls into place once I’ve began with prayer and scripture study.  By putting God first in my heart and mind, He can then use me as His instrument for good by teaching me through the voice of the Holy Spirit which enlightens my mind, quickens my spirit and teaches me each day.  I, like Jesus Christ and you, really do have our own personal life-line to God through The Holy Ghost who testifies and teaches truth and who is one of the members of the Godhead… Jesus’ prayer to Heavenly Father for guidance and gratitude John 17:6-26.

Who are your greatest teachers in life?    I’ve never thought of myself as much of a teacher through word, but rather a doer and silent teacher through example because of my passion for life. Maybe you feel the same way?   Do you ever wonder if what you say or do can have an impact on others for good?  Do you feel so insignificant in your existence that you don’t do anything because you know it won’t do any good anyway?  Do you feel hopeless and helpless about the way our world is evolving?  Do you feel afraid to do or say anything for fear of offending someone? How many people have you influenced for good?  How many people does it take to make significant better change for thousands? It only took 39 men who attended Constitutional Convention who later became the signers of the Constitution on Sept. 17,1787 to change history.   Although, only being delegates representing 12 states during the creation and signing of the the Constitution, consequently, many of these men became great leaders later within the United States government, but more importantly, their passion for peace and freedom has influenced (on a wide-spread level) the entire earth and every nation.

Taking a moment to consider those great teachers who have had such an influence on us and what our lives would be without them, I shutter to think what our existence would have been had they kept all their knowledge and passion to themselves?  Like them, you and I are more alike than we thought, we d0 have much to share and can be influential in sharing, even if it’s just for our own learning and profit, the results are worth it! It only takes one person to make a difference, you and me!  We can be that “star” that makes a new moon in the life of another.


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