Tag, you’re IT!

Sweat, snot, snoring, starvation, sleeping~not, sorority style surroundings and another four letter “s” word that I’ll refer to as Honey Buckets or anywhere else for that matter (specifically along coastal borders in the USA)….tag, you’re it…welcome to a Ragnar race…or the Presidential election 2016!

If you run in a relay race like I did when I ran the Wasatch Back, don’t plan on things being easy.  This race, like another race our country just saw, is not designed for people who like everything to go their way or to always have ease and comfort…me for the past eight years.   Aside from sharing a runner’s high with your mates because you’re gonna run your butt off, plan on sharing many of the things we as humans consider deplorable and uncouth…reality of life…try living in a third world country or Syria and Iraq today.  As a team, you’ll become close friends for at least those 24 hours and not just because proximity, but because you’re accomplishing a common tough goal as you run together…we are adult citizens of the same country…not crying daycare children who argue immaturely.  When you hand over the baton to the next runner..or allegiance to our next President of the USA, you look forward to each member doing his part in helping YOU arrive to the  finish line.  Athletes like to talk themselves up, and so you see many of them and their transportation vehicles all decked out to buoy for the team’s triumph…some racers like to talk trash…it’s competitive (we trashed up our vehicle with words like go, fight, win).    

The Ragnar race is like playing tag on steroids as you each take turns running approximately 200 miles within 24 hours... American politics for as many years +.    We all remember tag as one of the best childhood games known to mankind…the free electoral process.  My husband and I still play it while raising children and running a household together….our country’s marital bond within parties.   When we reach the end of our “ropes”, we say, “tag, you’re it” and have full trust the other will take the baton of responsibility and run with it…oh wait, most Americans are divorced and the meaning of marriage has become convoluted…..hummm…do we see a pattern here?  

Aside from parenthood and marriage, each of us play tag-often.  There are many instances in life when the baton is passed to us by others either in the workforce, with our education, and with life itself.  Typically speaking, when a baton is passed from one person to another, it refers to a relay race whereupon one runner passes the baton to the next runner until all four runners have finished their leg of the race to the best of their ability.  There is a method to who runs which part of the race:  The second fastest runner starts the race, followed by the third fastest, followed by the slowest runner, and finished by the fastest runner.  Not all runners nor athletes are the same, and that’s OK, for that reason it takes all types to be in the running and compete!

Running the Wasatch Back Ragnar was one of the craziest races of my life.   No one could have prepared me for the circumstances I would be living for 24 hours…nor the post election behavior of “fellow” Americans.  Somehow, I was elected to run “Ragnar Hill” in Midway, Utah…and choose who to vote for this year.  Luckily, I had training with one of the finest world record holder ultra/mountain runners of our time, Bryce Thatcher….and my love for God/religion, my country, and my family.  Remembering his words of wisdom carried me up that mountain where I met the next runner in our relay, who, thank goodness, took our race the rest of the way up the accent…following the Holy Ghost’s guidance up until the bridegroom returns to actualize the binding to His bride in marriage;  He who is the finisher of the race and who will take the helm of the country and world. Hebrews 12: 1-2  

Tag, you’re IT!  I VOTE FOR JESUS


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