It was love at first sight!  It all began with a legal procedure.  Upon seeing this gorgeous bombshell legal secretary sitting behind a typewriter at his Attorney’s firm in Ogden, Utah, this recently divorced man’s only thoughts were, “how can I win this Marilyn Monroe look-alike over?”  His only logical approach was to turn his monthly child support visits into weekly ones just to get another chance with her; and never mind the engagement ring on her finger.  He was not taking “no” for an answer, and luckily for him, his tenacity paid off.  He was finally afforded a soda pop date that lead to another date with a huge question.

His best friend was soon to be married down in Southern Utah, and the thought of spending the entire weekend with her was tantalizing and so he invited her to go for the wedding by persuading her that riding down with his mom would help her feel less awkward.  She really thought it was a crazy thing to do, but this boy was so persistent. She realized it would be difficult to go away for that long without her fiancé finding out, and so she made up an alibi and gave her mother strict instructions about what to tell him if he asked her whereabouts:  She would be in Idaho visiting one of her BYU roommates for the weekend.

She was now off to his best friend’s wedding at the St. George temple and his reception in Logandale, Nevada.  Little did she know what events would follow on that fateful weekend 55 years ago last September.  Taking precedence over his honeymoon, the boy’s best friend stopped he and his date after the reception to give him some spiritual advice that would change his life forever.  He said, “why don’t we all knell down together in prayer and ask Heavenly Father if you two should get married?”.  After that prayer, the spirit didn’t only whisper, it sang in four-part harmony to the affirmative.  Soon, one marriage turned into two after a quick drive to Las Vegas…(the Justice of the Peace, Myron Leavitt, was off at the time, but because he happened to be a mutual cousin to both the boy and his best friend’s bride, he made an exception).   The story ended with another, very different legal procedure in the Clark County court house; the marriage of my parents!  Several years later, my parents were sealed in the Logan, Utah temple.  It was the beginning of my parent’s eventual 35 years together before his untimely passing at age 56, but not the end of their eternal marital bond made possible through the power of the Melchizedek priesthood.

My parent’s love story was guided by the hand of God and has won over many hearts with it’s humor and uniqueness. Although my parent’s marriage wasn’t perfect, I always knew they loved each other. Their devotion and love for each other was tangible and deep.  They really set such a standard to me in so many ways about what life and love is really about and how to trust in God by acting with faith in everything we do.  I learned by example from them as they remained true and faithful to their marital vows and covenants made within the holy temple of God.  They taught me that my purpose in life was to receive a healthy and beautiful body that I would learn to train as I remained true to gospel principals and my own ordinances and covenants that would eventually lead me to my future eternal spouse.

The greatest part of love is procreation and the cycle of life.   New life espoused within each of us should be treated with the greatest respect.  The Savior’s love for each of us is the greatest teacher in life of sacrifice and charity.   Thanks to my parent’s love of Jesus Christ, their sacrifices made for Him, for one another and for us, my siblings and I were better prepared for my father’s tragic death.  My earthly parents taught me the greatest lessons of these basic evolving and eternal life principals that I’ve always known forever in my soul, and now, I have faith that my children will perpetuate what my husband and I have taught them, and hopefully, each generation adds upon the strengths of the other for good.

P.S.  Sadly, my mom broke the news to her sister who then had to break the bad news to my Mom’s (x)fiancé that she had gone and eloped.


2 thoughts on “Eloped

  1. Very special to read the story of my lovely cousin, Sharon, and how she met Truce Truman from Enterprise, Utah. Such an irony that I met a guy from Enterprise 25 years later and married him, was sitting at my in-laws house and heard the name Truman mentioned. Then I learned the sheriff was Teak Truman and his son was Truce Truman. I knew Sharon’s married name was Truman, but I didn’t realize the connection until the funeral. I didn’t know my Bramwell cousins well, and I attended the funeral, trying to learn family history. What an amazing attendance at a funeral! I hadn’t seen that many people at a funeral in my life, I believe. I also met other Bramwell cousins there, and it was a blessing to me to attend even though it was a very sad occasion. I am blessed to know all of you, and I am blessed to have met and married another guy, Kent Terry, son of Alma Terry, from the sweet town of Enterprise. And, by the way, you kids are very well loved and respected from what I hear from people who know you around Enterprise and Saint George. Ha, I know you all are community leaders! This is a great example of getting family history written, Misti! I love the convenience of electronics and being able to meet up with you and your mother at least this way. Thank you for inviting us to your daughter’s wedding. It just seems like there isn’t enough time to do everything. I’ve been neck-deep in genealogy research to find my two adopted children’s birth parents and am happy to report success with both after five years. Now we are having those kinds of reunion. Maybe see you at the Bramwell Reunion in August 2017! Take care, and love to all of you!


    • Thank you dear cousin for your sweet comments. Family is everything in life and I’m so grateful to call us family. Congratulations on reaping the fruits of your labors with your genealogy work. What a joy and blessing. I will plan to see you at our next reunion ❤️


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